A new Servline Leak Program began on April 1, 2016 and program was expanded on March 1, 2022 to include commercial customers. This program automatically enrolls most customers into the Leak Loss program, which offers coverage up to $2,500 per occurence against costly service bills caused by unexpected leaks.  Any customer may decline protection and accept full responsibility for all potential excess water or sewer charges caused by a leak by calling (865) 484-4200.


Water and Sewer line repair or replacement can be costly. Help guard your home or business today and get up to $10,000 per qualifying repair. The program covers qualifying service line cracks or breaks occurring on your property. Coverage is from your water meter to the main shut-off valve (water line) and from your external wall to the sewer main (sewer line).

You are responsible for costs associated with water or sewer line failures on your property, and everything from erosion to soil acidity to outdated practices for installing pipe can lead to issues far sooner than expected. To get your infrastructure up and running again in the event of a crack or break to your water or sewer line, Servline offers optional line repair and replacement coverage. See below for Important Coverage Information.

Water and Sewer Line Protection each provide:
• Up to $10,000 per qualifying repair.
• Per qualifying repair: Up to $500 for landscaping restoration and up to $500 for privately paved surfaces.
• No Deductible
• No Annual Limit
• For Residential Only: Up to $500 for thawing of frozen water or sewer service line.
• Up to one occurrence annually.

For more information about coverage options or to file a claim, call (865) 484-4200.