Serving the Town of Dandridge since 1930, Dandridge Water Management Facility (DWMF) operates and maintains facilities, which provide Dandridge with safe drinking water and treatments of its waste water.  DWMF currently obtains water from the Jefferson City Water Department and Newport Utilities Board.  DWMF maintains the collection and distribution systems, treats wastewater for the citizens of the Town of Dandridge and operates a state certified bacteriological laboratory.

DWMF contains more than 35 miles of sewer and 133 miles of water.  Pipeline materials consist primarily of PVC and Ductile Iron, with sizes ranging from 2″ to 12″.  There are more than 600 valves located in the distribution system which permit our utility workers to isolate sections of pipeline during repairs, maintenance and improvements.

DWMF has 7 water storage tanks with a total capacity of 2,012,000 gallons.  Beginning in 2006, DWMF built 2 new tanks  while the remaining 5 tanks have been repainted and refurbished.  Storage tanks assist in equalizing the supply and demand on a water system and help to provide water for fighting fires.  Every tank is inspected monthly to ensure proper functionality. The tanks are controlled by a SCADA system to ensure adequate supply of water is available at all times.

Aging infrastructure is a problem among most municipalities and utilities.  DWMF is continually assessing and analyzing our infrastructure and prioritizing our needs.  Ongoing maintenance activities ensure proper operations of our system.