In accordance with Director’s Order 07-068D, the DWMF has engaged in several additional maintenance activities to ensure adequate performance of the collection system.  Through this process, the DWMF has become more aware of the current condition and needs of the collection system and have taken great strides to meet objectives set forth in the Capacity, Maintenance, Operation and Maintenance (CMOM) Program.  Since receipt of the final and agreed upon order dated April 15, 2008, the DWMF has met all deadlines to date.  Submitted items include:  Sewer Overflow Response Plan (SORP), Capacity Assurance Protocols Engineering Report (CAP/ER), sewer model implementation and the original CMOM document establishing the implementation of and revision of mandated maintenance programs.

An annual report is provided detailing all updates and changes to any of the below individual MOM programs required through the directors order:

  1. Sewerage Assessment Priority Parameters Program
  2. Routine Manhole Inspection Program
  3. Flow Monitoring Program
  4. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Program
  5. Gravity System Defect Analysis Program
  6. Smoke Testing Program
  7. Gravity Lines Rehabilitation Program
  8. Manhole Rehabilitation Program
  9. Scheduled Pump Stations Operations Program
  10. Emergency Pump Station Operating Program
  11. Grease Control Program
  12. Mechanical Maintenance Program
  13. Capital Improvement Program
  14. Work Order and Complaint Management Program
  15. System Inventory Program
  16. Capacity Assurance Program for New Connections
  17. Long-Term Capacity Assurance Protocols