Current Projects

Cast Iron/Galvanized Replacement (updated 2/27/23)
Replacement of the cast iron and galvanized water lines in the DWMF system is underway.  Phase I, completed by Brockwell Construction ($223,201.70), consisted of replacing lines on Valley Home Road and Plainview Drive.  It was completed in October 2017.   Phase II, the much larger scale project, was awarded to Merkel Construction ($1,646,900) on December 12, 2017.  Due to the scale of the project and the bid price was higher than the estimated cost, Town Council awarded the contract to include only the US Highway 25-70 and E. Main Street sections of the bid.  The remaining sections not awarded from the bid ($521,540.00:  Cherokee Drive, Academy Circle, Church Street, Patterson Road, and Nichols Road) were re-bid.  On September 10, 2019, Phase IV was awarded to Junior Hommel Excavating ($211,905), which included the remaining sections from Phase II. Upon that project completion, the only remaining portion of the overall project is the Phase III (DWMF’s Internal Replacement Plan), has already begun construction and is detailed in the below listing. 

Internal Replacement Plan (updated 2/27/23)

  • W Main Street from Evans Lane-Completed
  • Circle Drive-Completed
  • Carson Street-Completed
  • Elliott Ferry-Completed
  • Shady Street-Completed
  • Fairview Drive-Completed
  • Plainview (from Phase I end to 25/70)-Completed
  • Lakeshore Drive at Sugar fork to Garrett Road Intersection
  • Hilltop Road-Completed
  • Peck Lane-Completed
  • W Main Street at Cedar Lane Intersection
  • Green Lee Street-Completed
  • McSpadden Road

Use the following link to view a map of the construction phases.  Also on the map are the locations of customer concerns documented with water discoloration.  DWMF Construction Phases

Recent Improvement Projects

Appalachian Region Commission Grant-Exit 417 Water Tank
Construction of a 400,000-gallon concrete water storage tank, along with 350 linear feet of 12-inch DIP, was completed January 2021.  Approximately 5,300 linear feet of 10-inch pipe, 400 linear feet of 12-inch pipe and one triplex booster station have been substantially completed but are awaiting final booster station completion and testing to be put into service.  Adjacent to the I-40 exit 417 Commercial Corridor, this project comprised of the new tank and water lines will improve water and fire service for over 25 existing businesses and support future growth at the busiest highway exit in Jefferson County.

KUB Waterline Extension
This project consisted of a water supply line extension, consisting of over 55,000 feet of 12-inch water line connecting the DWMF to KUB (Knoxville Utilities Board).  The contract was completed in 2016.

Main Street Waterline Replacement
This project consisted of replacement of over 1,400 feet of 6-inch waterline that occurred prior to the TDOT pavement resurfacing in 2014.

2009 RUS Waterline Replacements
This project included waterline replacements in the following areas:

  • Hillview Drive
  • Academy Street
  • Banner Street
  • Alley Road
  • Hopewell Street
  • Gay Street
  • Mill Street
  • Spring Street
  • Hammer Road
  • Hillside Drive
  • Portions of Highway 92

Hill Street Waterline Replacement
This project consisted of replacement of approximately 1,480 feet of water line.